what we do

At Nutter Dogs, we offer a range of dog training services in and around Burnley, Pendle & West Craven in East Lancashire. All of our training is positive-based, meaning we focus on setting dogs up to make good choices – which we can then reward, building habits that will last a lifetime.

We offer 1 to 1 training for those with specific training and behaviour needs, taking place in your home or in the local area as required. We commonly help with first time puppy owners and issues such as pulling on lead, stealing from counters, jumping up, poor recall and reactivity toward other dogs. We always work with consideration for the dog’s emotional state, addressing the root cause of the behaviours – not just the symptoms!

Our dog training classes include puppy training (for dogs younger than 20 weeks), focusing on starting your puppy off on the right foot. This class introduces a variety of skills where your puppy will learn how to perform basic obedience tasks, and learn to love to to work with you.

We also offer teamwork award classes (for dogs older than 20 weeks) which advance on our puppy training course as well as being a great introduction for dog owners to teach their dogs some basic skills. These work through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels!

Looking for that next step? Our agility classes are available for those currently competing, or those looking to give dog agility a try. Our classes are all taught to competition standard, using Kennel Club standard agility equipment.

We offer mantrailing sessions throughout the month, teaching your dog to use their innate, powerful sense of smell to track down a “missing person!” And trick training workshops to develop that all-important bond with your dog and challenge their creative thinking!