Mantrailing is the fastest growing sport in the UK, involving dogs using their nose to follow a particular person’s scent and track them down. It is the only sport in which our dogs make the decisions and take charge (despite what some agility dogs think…) and it is incredibly empowering and confidence boosting for them. Unlike other sports you can very easily dip in and out of mantrailing, meaning you can pick up slots whenever you want without having to commit to a weekly or even monthly training session!

We hold guest sessions and extra special training days throughout the year, in addition to our regular training sessions.

Our regular sessions are led by Mantrailing Global instructor Sophie.

what & where

You will need a well fitting, nonrestrictive harness (so no anti pull harnesses or harnesses with material in a bar across the chest), a long line, VERY high value rewards for your dog, and two small pocket size tubs for rewards to go into.

We train from a variety of locations around Burnley & Pendle, utilising both rural and urban spaces.

prices and booking

Our introduction sessions are £50, and typically last around 3 hours.

Our progression sessions are £30, and typically last around 2 hours. You can also add on the introduction element to most of our progression sessions for just £20, just check with us via email by contacting before you book.

You can view our dates and book yourself and your dog in via our booking page.

You are also very welcome to join our Nutter Dogs Mantrailing group on Facebook, in which dates and locations are advertised, photos are posted and training tips and extra information are available.