trick training

Our regular trick training classes & workshops are the perfect challenge to keep both you and your dog learning!

Our trick training sessions are predominantly taught on lead or long lines as appropriate, meaning that we can cater to dogs with poor recall skills or those who may be nervous of other dogs and people. Please drop us a message at if unsure if these classes will be suitable for your dog.

Our trick training sessions take place both indoors & outdoors, allowing for us to run whatever the weather, as well as building your dog’s ability to focus & learn in different environments!

class length and prices

Trick classes cost £84 for each 6 week block.

Trick workshops cost £25 (1.5 hour workshops) or £35 (2 hour workshops).

booking and availability

You can book in for trick training workshops here.

Please also familiarise yourself with our class rules.

Get in touch via for more information or to join our class waiting list.