You may have seen agility at Crufts, or heard about it through social media. For those who haven’t, it is a fast paced sport in which dog & handler work together to tackle a sequence of obstacles – in the correct order – and as quickly as possible. Despite the speed involved, handlers don’t need to run; we teach your dog to do the work, so you don’t have to!

We teach agility from foundations (for dogs under one year old) through to the highest levels of competition. All of our training is taught with competition in mind, to ensure your dog completely understands how to navigate all obstacles and can do so safely and independently – but this doesn’t mean you have to compete! We have a number of students who have been coming to us now for several years who have no desire to compete at all; they just love coming each week to spend that time working together with their best friend.

Agility isn’t just for border collies; here at Nutter Dogs Agility Club we have spaniels, labradors, poodles, lurchers, staffies, JRTs, and many more. We even have a schnauzer, shihtzu and malamute!

equipment and venues

We use competition standard equipment – First Contact jumps and contacts at Greenhead Lane, and Doggyjumps jumps at Whitemoor Riding Centre. We have a mix of First Contact and Naylors heavyweight tunnels.

We are lucky to have sole use of a flat grass field, so our training classes predominantly take place there (the Nutter Dogs field at Greenhead Lane, BB12 9DU). Over winter we also train at the indoor arena at Whitemoor Riding Centre (Whitemoor Road, BB8 7LX).

Due to the fast paced nature of the sport, it is important that your chosen footwear at either venue allows you to move freely. No wellies if you’re trying to run!

class length and prices

Agility classes cost £75 per 6 week block, with 4 per group at Greenhead Lane and 5 per group at Whitemoor Riding Centre.

Classes may be sold via the members only Facebook group if you are unable to attend one or more weeks.

booking and availability

You can view our winter timetable here. Please also familiarise yourself with our class rules.

Get in touch via to join our waiting list.