We have two different, separate progression programmes:

Skill – including…

  • Agility classes – standard classes featuring all three contact pieces & weaves
  • Jumping classes – standard classes that may feature all equipment except contacts; weaves included
  • Pairs & Teams classes – classes where two or four handlers work one at a time as a team; classes may include weaves and/or one contact at the judge’s discretion
  • Contact Challenge classes – classes similar to the “triple a” and “double dog walk” classes available at other organisations, set at the judge’s discretion

Sprint – including…

  • Helter-Skelter classes – fast-paced classes featuring just jumps & tunnels
  • Tunnel Thrill classes – classes where only tunnels are present – except for the start/finish jumps
  • Tunnel Torment classes – classes where tunnels are present on the course but shouldn’t be taken


With every clear round, you accumulate points towards the next level. There are three levels available at our shows:

Level 1: roughly equivalent to Kennel Club G1-3 or A4A Beginners/Novice. These courses are designed to be flowing and straightforward, with minimal handling requirements.

Level 2: roughly equivalent to Kennel Club G3-5 or A4A Novice/Senior. These courses are designed to challenge teams and require handling & thoughtfulness throughout the course.

Level 3: roughly equivalent to Kennel Club G5-7 or A4A Senior/Champ. These courses are designed to test every team’s skills, with significant handling challenges and training expectations.

If joining from another organisation you may choose to start entirely fresh in Level 1 or join at your equivalent Level; you will notice that there is overlap between our Level structure and other agility organisations. If you are in an overlap area, you can choose to join us at the Level you think is most suitable for your dog. If you are in different levels in different organisations, again you can choose to join us at the Level you think most appropriate for your dog. As you continue to progress at other organisations, you may adjust your entries for our shows accordingly to ensure that you are running at the most appropriate Level for your dog at any time, or you can stay where you are and progress separately. This is optional, based on what you think is best for yourself and your dog.

We don’t believe that progression is linear, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to do what they think is best for their dog. So you are also eligible to Level Down at any of our shows, and your dog can then work up again accordingly (or you can move them back up into their previous Level to match their Kennel Club or Agility4All level if desired). This is a great option if your dog is coming back from injury, lacks confidence in the ring, or if they are overfaced by the challenges they experience at higher levels.

achievements & titles

Successfully progressing out of each Level will earn you a special Level Up rosette to mark your achievement! These may be claimed (with notice) at the next show you attend or can be posted out at your cost. Just ask and we will be more than happy to supply!

Please note: if you opt to move your dog up a level to match your progression through other organisations you will not receive the corresponding Level Up rosette. You will also not receive multiple Level Up rosettes for the same level if you have chosen to Level Down your dog and they then Level Up again.

As you progress into each Level, you will be able to claim the corresponding title for your dog: Skill-1, Skill-2 and Skill-3; & Sprint-1, Sprint-2 and Sprint-3.

As these are separate progression structures your dog may be in different Levels at any point and hold different titles, e.g. Izzy Skill-1 Sprint-3.

All dogs who have been awarded any progression points at our shows may claim their -1 titles.

Once you have achieved Level 3, you can then work towards your final goal! Earning 150 points in Skill or Sprint classes at Level 3 means your dog can claim their Skill Master or Sprint Master title, and corresponding special rosette to mark their achievement!


Clear runs will be awarded the following points:

  • 1st place = 10 points
  • 2nd place = 8 points
  • 3rd place = 6 points
  • 4th place = 4 points
  • Unplaced clear round = 2 points

To progress between Levels you will need:

  • Level 1 to Level 2: 50 points at Level 1
  • Level 2 to Level 3: 100 points at Level 2

In the Skill progression route, you will need at least 25 points from classes involving contact equipment to progress to Level 2, and at least 50 points to progress to Level 3.

Progression is calculated at the end of the show day and you are then moved up where necessary. So, for example, if you and your dog earn enough points to move into the next Level on Saturday, you will be eligible to run in that next Level on Sunday!

style points

At the judge’s discretion, you can be awarded Style points on your runs, which count for 2 progression points towards the next Level! These may be awarded to clear, faulted or eliminated rounds. These special points will only be awarded when the judge thinks a partnership really went above and beyond.