The newest sport to hit us here in the UK! Hoopers is suitable for almost all ages and abilities, including dogs under 6 months and those who have had to retire from agility, flyball and other higher impact sports due to age or injury. It is a low impact but still very exciting sport, in which handler & dog work together to conquer a flowing, smooth course made up of hoops, tunnels and barrels.

All classes take place at the Nutter Dogs field on Greenhead Lane, BB12 9DU. We train outdoors all year round, so make sure you bring a coat!

To join us for hoopers, all your dog needs is a good recall, and the ability to focus around other people & dogs in a group training environment. We will teach you everything else!

class length and prices

Hoopers classes cost £60 per 6 week block, with 5 per group.

Classes may be sold via the members only Facebook group if you are unable to attend one or more weeks.

booking and availability

You can view our winter timetable here. Please also familiarise yourself with our class rules.

Get in touch via info@nutterdogs.co.uk to join our waiting list.