1 to 1 training

We offer 1 to 1 training for dogs who have specific training needs to address; for dogs who wish to join our Teamwork Awards; and for dogs who may be ineligible for group classes, including our sport classes. Each session is completely tailored to your dog’s needs, so please ensure you complete our form below when requesting your first training session so that we have a more thorough understanding of your dog’s training needs and background.

Sessions are available both at the Nutter Dogs field at Greenhead Lane, BB12 9DU, or at your home or a local outdoor place if convenient. Home sessions are available to those in Colne, Nelson, Burnley and closely surrounding areas; please get in touch if you’re unsure!

Please note that we do not work with dogs with severe behavioural problems (such as aggression, a bite history, severe resource guarding or separation anxiety), and will refer you on to a canine behaviourist if we feel that that is what your dog requires.


Sessions held at the Nutter Dogs field are £30 for 30mins or £50 for 1hr.

Sessions held at your home are £40 for 45mins.

If you would like to book 1 to 1 training with us, please complete the following form. (If you are enquiring only about basic puppy training, this is not necessary and we advise that you contact us directly via info@nutterdogs.co.uk)